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The Anatomy of a Hurricane, and Electromagnetic/Gravitational Energy (EMGE)

 The strength of a hurricane can be suppressed by aerial bombardment, using thermobaric air bombs. Thermobaric bombs are the most powerful conventional bomb on earth. These bombs will not destroy hurricanes, but they will slow their rotation.  Reducing the rotation of a hurricane will reduce the development of the hurricane, reduce wind speed, and reduce the size of the storm surge.  This article does discuss anti-gravity lift, but its main focus is to demonstrate hurricane suppression. Anti-gravity lift, and/or propulsion is a discussion for another time. Skip to HURRICANE SUPPRESSION BY AERIAL BOMBARDMENT SECTION, if you wish. Thunderstorms, snowstorms, tornadoes, typhoons, cyclones, and hurricanes are electromagnetic/gravitational energy (EMGE) phenomena. The EMGE in thunderstorm systems is the energy that drives the storm system. The water, or cloud cover in these thunderstorm systems retains the EMGE. The EMGE in thunderstorm systems are made up of electrons, protons, neutrons, and these elements have mass, which explains the gravitational output. Thunderstorms, super cells, tropical depressions, and tropical storms can retain hundreds of thousands of volts, static electricity, amperes, watts, gravitational, and magnetic energy. The water vapors, and water clings to the EMGE in the storm systems. A thunderstorm, and hurricane's EMGE can hold, and carry hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, and carry it for thousands of miles, and these phenomena can weigh millions of pounds. These storms weight are held aloft by the EMGE within the storm's cloud cover, which conceals the EMGE, water, and vortices inside the storm system.

Thunderstorms, and snowstorms stay aloft, because the EMGE within these storms systems repels the earth's magnetic/ gravitational field. Thunderstorms, snowstorms, tropical depressions, tropical storms, and hurricanes are an example of electromagnetic anti-gravitational lift, and propulsion, and there are other applications for this EMGE. The EMGE of the Aurora Borealis, and thunderstorms are the EMGE needed for anti-gravitational lift. Not all EMGE in, and around earth's atmosphere operate, or exist on the same spectrum, wavelength, polarity, and/or frequency. Electricity, magnetism, and gravity are similar to ice, and water. They are same element, but in different forms. They are all capable of generating one another. The magnetic/gravitational energy of earth, and the EMGE of a thunderstorm, or snowstorm have similar wavelengths, frequencies, and polarities, that's why they repel one another, and not attract one another. Electricity, magnetism, and gravitational energy have similar EMG subatomic structures. EMGE are not singularities, and there are many different wavelength of EMGE in, and around earth's atmosphere. Similar polarities, wavelength, and frequencies repel, and dissimilar polarities, wavelength, and frequencies attract. The type electronic equipment, or the strength of the magnetic/gravitational field you generate is not important to achieve anti-gravitational lift, and/or propulsion. Its the type of frequency, wavelength, or polarity of electromagnetic/gravitational field you generate that matters, and the EMGE of the Aurora Borealis, thunderstorm, and/or snowstorm, etc are needed for anti-gravitational lift, and/or propulsion in earth's atmosphere. There are several different types of EMGE in earth's atmosphere. Using iron/steel components to generate EMGE will only generate EMGE that will manipulate ferrous metals. The right super conductive magnetic formula is need to absorb the electromagnetic/gravitational field for anti-gravitational lift from snowstorm, or the Aurora Borealis. You must experiment with different materials, formulas, and the many EMGE in earth’s atmosphere. I’m trying to bring the scientist community to the truth. I'm available if you need my assistance.

There's hundreds of thousands of watts, volts, amperes, static electricity, magnetic energy, gravitational energy in thunderstorm, snowstorms, and super cells. The EMGE in these storms systems are capable of generating heat, move the air (gases), attract, and carry water, and anti-gravitational lift, not all EMGE in earth's atmosphere are the same. The EMGE of a tornado not only generate the suction, its  suspends object around its magnetic body. The artificially generated electricity, or artificial electricity generated by man isn't capable of anti-gravitational lift, because its a neutral EMGE to earth’s EMGE. The EMGE generated by man can't move air (gases), without a fan blade, but the EMGE of a storm systems don’t need fan blades to move gases (air), its EMGE rotation move the air. The artificial electricity generated by man, and electricity in thunderstorm systems are dissimilar frequencies, polarity, and wavelengths. Thunderstorm, and snowstorm systems EMGE, and the energy of the aurora borealis can be absorbed by a low temperature super conductive magnetic (LTSCM) depending on its formula . Place a LTSCM above, and near a thunderstorm, snowstorm, or within the aurora borealis, and pour liquid nitrogen onto the LTSCM to absorb their EMG field, I recommend working with the Aurora Borealis, or working over snowstorms. The low temperatures subdue their EMGE, and render them a little less dangerous, than thunderstorms. The impregnated LTSCM will be used to transfer its EMG field into a high temperature super conductive magnetic (HTSCM) for the purpose of making generators, and/or anti-gravitational lift, or propulsion. Running an artificial electrical current through an impregnated HTSCM will increase its magnetic output for anti-gravitational lift, if the HTSCM is made up of the right formulae. 

LTSCM(s) will absorb any magnetic field in its presence, once liquid nitrogen is poured onto it. The electromagnetic/gravitational abilities that are absorbed from a magnetic/gravitational fields depends on the type, or spectrum of magnetic field absorbed,  materials used, and/or formulas of  the HTSCM used to either absorb, and/or generate EMGE. Iron, and steel are the worse materials to use to absorb, and/or to generate EMGE, and iron, and/or steel generates a low grade, and/or inferior EMGE. The EMGE of the Aurora Borealis, thunderstorm, or snowstorm can increase the performance of electronics equipment. The EMGE within the Aurora borealis, snowstorm, and/or thunderstorm are high grade, and/or superior EMGE suitable for anti-gravitational lift, and/or propulsion. The EMGE absorbed by iron, and/or steel is a low grade EMGE, and will only manipulate ferrous metals.  The EMGE of the aurora Borealis, snowstorm, and/or thunderstorm will manipulate earth's magnetic/gravitational field, and gases (air) in earth's atmosphere. There is an effort to hide this knowledge from the international scientist community.

Many scientists, and/or meteorologists disagree with me are liars, and they are knowingly misleading the scientific community about the role EMGE plays in storm system development. They base their theories, and lies on their flights through mild thunderstorm systems. Many scientists have flown through thunderstorms, but they were mild thunderstorm with little to no cloud to ground lightning strikes, and weak wind gusts.  They will never attempt to fly through a severe thunderstorm, thunder snowstorm, tornadic super cell, or tropical storm with heavy torrential rain fall, snow fall, frequent, and heavy cloud to ground lighting strikes with strong vortices, and/or strong wind gust. Severe storm systems are where the truth about storm systems really lies. The difference is the same as walking pass a baby man-eating tiger, and walking pass a full grown man-eating tiger, there is a big difference between the two. No meteorologist has peered inside a severe thunderstorm system. It amazes me that many scientists, physicists and meteorologists totally ignore, and disregard the presence of the EMGE within a severe thunderstorms, thunder snowstorms, tornadic super cells, hurricanes, while explaining the anatomy of these weather phenomena. It's as if the EMGE within these storms systems doesn't exist in their minds, don't listen to these liars. No storm system has ever traveled long the ground, due to its anti-gravitational energy. There are many names for clouds, snowstorms, and thunderstorms, mesocyclone, but the name of these clouds don’t matter, it the energy within a cloud that makes it behave the way it does. Updraft, downdraft, pressure, heat, and cold can’t generate the energy released by a snowstorm,  hurricane, or tornadoes, it is the ever presence EMGE within these storm systems that develop these weather phenomena, and the forces they release.

Modern day meteorologists actually believe that thunderstorms, snowstorms, etc stay aloft, because they are lighter, than air. They are pathological liars. They don't want physicists to know the truth about anti-gravitational lift, or propulsion. Some meteorologists are lying about thunderstorms being supported, and are developed by a one hundred mile per hour, or less updrafts, or downdraft. Meteorologists lie when describing the anatomy of a storm system speak in term of pressure, warmth, and cold without mentioning the over whelming presence of EMGE. A thunderstorm can weigh millions of pounds needs a draft of tens of millions of miles per hour to support that much weight. There is no updraft, or downdraft of that velocity in earth's atmosphere. Meteorologists believe the EMGE in a thunderstorm has no purpose, and that’s simply a lie. The structural component of a thunderstorms system is made up of cloud cover, large pools of water, and EMGE. It’s the EMGE that propels the air (gases), and cause air to rise within thunderstorm systems. As you all know warm air rises slowly, and frozen water can't create enough warmth to generate one hundred mile per hour updrafts, or downdraft. Rising, and/or downward moving hot, or cold air can't generate hurricane force winds, or the suction of a tornado. It’s amazing how meteorologists notice the lightning, but totally ignore, and/or disregard the large area of accumulated EMGE above the lightning within the cloud cover.


It is understood doppler radar measures the distance, altitude, direction, wind speeds, and speed of a thunderstorms system. It is no coincidence that within a storm system the fastest energy rotation, and/or energy circulation are areas that has the highest concentration of EMGE in every case
. There is EMGE activity all around the eye wall of the hurricane. The EMGE in a tornadic mesocyclone clouds are similar to the EMGE in a tropical storm, snow storm system, etc. Lightning maybe just static electrical discharge, but its source is a large concentration, and/or accumulation of EMGE, and it’s the EMGE that produces the highest wind speeds, and/or circulation in all storms systems, and it shows up as red on doppler radar. Hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones are the same EMGE phenomena semantics are not important here. They start off as EMGE storm system, they then move out over the oceans, and develop into EMGE tropical depressions, EMGE tropical storms, and then EMGE hurricanes.  The winds are propelled, and heat is generated by the rotating EMGE within the storm system's cloud cover.  Large pools of water, vortices, and the EMGE are concealed by the storm system cloud cover. The cloud cover makes hurricanes, and storm systems look larger, wider, and taller, than they actually are, and there's a thick layer of cloud cover all around the hurricane's EMGE. EMGE magnetic polarity is the reason hurricanes in the northern hemisphere rotate counter clockwise, and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. It’s the EMGE of a hurricane that prevents a hurricane from traveling near, or across the equator.  Any hurricane that travels near, or across the equator will cease to be a hurricane due to its magnetic polarity. Hurricanes, tornadoes, etc are nothing more, than electric motors.

The thickness of a hurricane eye wall is less, than 15 miles, but the fastest rotation of EMGE is near the eye. The bombs will detonate near the top of the hurricane on the inside of the eye wall, near the eye. 
This is the area where hurricanes are spawned in tropical storms, and there's EMGE all around the eye wall, and the eye wall is the hurricane. This is very important to remember the actual hurricane is concealed by the cloud cover, and can't be seen by the naked eye, it can only be seen by doppler radar. It’s that part of the hurricane, and/or storm system on the doppler radar screen that has the fastest rotation. Thermobaric bombs will blast a long wide hole in the hurricane's EMGE, and water structure. How can anyone claim that all that EMGE in a storm systems have no purpose, and totally ignore its presence, it is amazing.

 Storm systems have only two primary structural components, and that is water, and electromagnetic/gravitational energy (EMGE). The bombs will be detonated inside of the hurricane's eye wall, near the top of the hurricane at a predetermined altitude, depending on the height of the hurricane, and its location within the cloud cover. This is the area where hurricanes are spawned in tropical storms. The less powerful the bombs are, the more bombs, and aircraft that might be needed. Each aircraft will be loaded with 1, or 2 bombs. The ten aircraft will fly in the opposite direction of the hurricane’s rotation. If the thermobaric bomb’s blast is radius is a 1000 feet. Each aircraft will be positioned 3000 feet apart in row of ten aircraft side by side. The first aircraft in the row will be positioned 1000 feet from the outside of the hurricane’s eye. The first  ten bombs will be released at a time on the count of 3. The second set of ten bombs likewise, but only if needed.

Once the reconnaissance aircraft returns with the dimensions of the hurricane's EMGE location within the cloud cover the bomb will be released, and detonate in the  upper inside of eye wall at a predetermined altitude. The EMGE of the eye wall of the hurricane is the actual hurricane, and not the cloud cover, or EMGE feeder bands clouds. Only the EMGE dimensions of the hurricane, which can only be seen by doppler radar will be needed, and not the dimensions of the cloud cover.  It’s the hurricane's EMGE that's rotating at a high rate of speed that will be targeted, and the EMGE is the active component. The bomb will need to enter into the hurricane eye wall at, or near a low angle of attack as possible. There needs to be as much forward movement, as downward movement during the bomb's descent. The tropical storm will continue on the same course as the hurricane, and discharge its EMGE, and produce rain fall without severe wind damage, or storm surges once it reaches land fall. Its not a matter if the project will work, it’s a matter of the aircraft formation, or if nine aircraft is enough.

The father of all bombs (thermobaric bombs air bomb) will be needed for this project. Thermobaric air bombs are the most powerful conventional bomb on earth. The target is the hurricane's EMGE, and not the cloud cover, or water supply. The bombs will detonate in mid air at a predetermined altitude, at the same time, and altitude. The bombs will be dropped  into the inside of the hurricane's eye wall, while the hurricane is over the ocean, and not over land, and  on the back side of the hurricane hundreds of miles away from land.  The aircraft will drop the bombs, while traveling away from land, so if the bombs stray off course it will fall in the ocean.  No harm will come to any lives, or structures on land. The bombs will rip a long wide hole in the hurricane's EMGE, and water structure due to the high speeds of the hurricane’s eye wall. It’s the hurricane's EMGE that propels the air, and generate the heat within a hurricane's cloud cover. The EMGE in a hurricane’s eye wall rotates much faster, than the air it propels, and a hurricane's EMGE rotates faster, than its cloud cover.   I highly recommend that two fighter aircraft loaded with air to air missiles escort these cargo aircraft for security reason. This project should only be carried out by the military, by a trusted organization, or by a trusted nation.

If allowed I will supervise the operation from the ground on the first mission, then others can follow my example in the future. All countries affected by hurricanes should support, and fund this project. Cargo aircraft, altitude detonators, or timer detonators, or fuse detonators, and thermobaric bombs are needed. Please help me to save innocent lives, reduce suffering, and protect property. What's wrong with using weapons of mass destruction to save innocent lives?

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